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Electric Motor Maintenance

Ensure quality work with our electric motor maintenance service, We'll rebuild your electric motors and inspect mechanically and electrically to provide long motor lifespan.

On-Site Dynamic Balancing

Machinery often begin to vibrate during their operation due to factors such as:  foreign matter accumulation, rotating component wear, or rotating parts that were not dynamically balanced at high speed. With our on-site dynamic balancing service, we will balance your equipment on site and save on costly removals. Ensuring your machinery runs smoothly and extending service life.

Pump Repair

Pumps often need to be serviced due to their high service factor. Common issues found on pumps are: Impeller Damage, leaking seals, high vibration & bearing noise. Our team is ready to work with you and provide the proper maintenance.

Electric Motor Rewinding

Do you have a special frame motor that is hard to replace? Is your production at a halt because your motor is down? Our electric motor rewind service will have your motor running good as new with a quick turn-around. 

Vibration Analysis

Condition monitoring is used to identify many machinery problems at an early stage before harm is usually done. Our vibration analysis service can help determine several common problems such as: misalignment, unbalance, bearing issues, and distorted motor frames/bases. Knowing the cause of your machinery problems can help make informed and less costly decisions.

Machinery Installation & Removal

We provide you with the ease of removal and installation of all your machinery. Whether it is new equipment or used equipment for servicing, we are more than happy to add this service to any job.

Dynamic Balancing

Vibration in rotating equipment is known to cause premature failures in all machinery. Our facility is equipped with a dynamic balancing machine capable of conducting single and two plane balancing at high speeds. Ensure optimum machinery lifespan with our dynamic balancing service.

Laser Shaft Alignment

Protect your new or newly serviced equipment with a proper laser shaft alignment. Laser shaft alignment is very accurate and less time consuming than traditional dial indicator methods. 

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